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Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

One of the most common garage doors problem, is a broken spring. When a garage door spring is broken, the door cannot work, until you replace the broken spring with a new one.

One of the reasons that lead to a broken garage door spring, is lack of garage door maintenance, which should be performed at least every six months.

That is why we highly recommend, to provide your garage door with a maintenance service, at least every 6 months, to make sure that door will continue to work in a perfect way for many more years.

If the spring of your garage door is broken, or if you think that the spring need an adjustment, we highly recommend that you stop using the door, and call Perfection Garage Doors in Raleigh.

A broken garage door spring does not mean that you need to replace the garage door

All it means is that you need to replace the spring, which is a job that can be done by any garage door technician like us professional and experienced.

Whether it is a torsion garage door spring repair, or an extension spring that need to be replaced, it is important to wait for the repairman to fix the spring before using the door again.

Our garage doors technicians, have successfully fixed and replaced hundreds of garage doors springs in Raleigh. They have the experience to fit the door with the right spring, that will bring it back on track again, and that will help the garage door work in the perfect way that every garage door should work.

Most overhead garage doors are equipped with either torsion spring system, or extension spring system

The springs are the power that make even the heaviest doors to open so smoothly even when they are being used manually.

If your garage door is equipped with torsion spring system, you will be able to see the springs 0 or a single spring in some cases – installed on top of the open, wrapped around the shaft.

Those spring are usually installed for commercial garage doors in Raleigh. since they are designed to take more weight when they are properly installed.

If you are searching for a garage door supplier in North Carolina, to purchase torsion springs and to install them by yourself, you should think again.

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How to replace a broken garage door spring in Raleigh

Some garage door springs in Raleigh can be replaced in DIY repair, and some require a garage door specialist in Raleigh who can deal with heavy duty garage doors.

The important thing is to make sure that you have the right garage spring for the job, and that you learned the garage door and its mechanism and you will know exactly what you are doing.

If you own a commercial overhead door in Raleigh, or if you are interested in replacing torsion springs, or if it is a heavy garage door, we recommend to you to use the services of a garage door specialist in Raleigh to perform the spring replacement for you.