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Perfection Garage Doors provide convenience, security, and added value to your home.

Not having to exit your vehicle to open or close your garage door in the rain or freezing weather is nice, but with today’s concerns about security being able to turn on the light and enter and exit your garage, while safely inside of your car, provides an added level of security.

Garage door openers are also programmable and allow you to set them to do things like close immediately after exiting. For added security they use “Rolling Codes”, which randomly generate a new code each time the remote control is used making it nearly impossible to use any unauthorized device to gain entry.

Raleigh Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

One of the important parts of your garage door system is the garage door opener. The garage door opener’s function is to help your garage door open and close as smoothly as possible. When your garage door opener malfunctions the entire garage door, more than likely, will not function properly until it is fixed. In some cases you may only need a simple repair.

In other cases you may need a complete replacement. In either case, call us. We do any and everything you need for your garage door opener repair at Perfection Garage Doors.

Garage Opener Installation

There are many reasons a garage door can fail on you. If you call one of our professionals we will help you find the problem and solve it. Although numerous one of the most common issues with garage door opener is that the door is off balance.

Perfection Garage Doors technicians will perform a Balance Test on your garage door opener as the DASMA (Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association) recommends.

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Belt Drive Garage Door Openers in Raleigh, NC

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers are available in various shapes and sizes. Perfection Garage Doors offers the best quality belt drive garage door openers in Raleigh, NC that ensures smooth operation and quiet performance. We have a wide selection of heavy-duty belt drive garage door openers that are tough as a steel-belted tire and strong enough to provide you the benefits of power and silence. Our top quality belt drive garage door openers for sale are built with cutting edge technologies and techniques to deliver smooth-running power and ensure reliable performance year after year. The belt drive garage door openers available for sale at Perfection Garage Doors In Raleigh, NC and are considered perfect for homes with living space above or next to the garage.